Cleaning Machines

*All Machines are Cleaned By Hand, Not by Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines.

(**those are too harsh for the metal, in my opinion)


Through experience I have learned - never soak numbering machines in cleaning liquid or oil of any kind.

We clean them with a tooth brush (Standard Blanket Wash) once a month (depending on use).  We suggest this be completed on a Friday as the oil takes two days to absorb and evaporate.  After thorough cleaning of all parts, spray with WD-40.

If the machines have not been serviced, there could be dry ink build-up that causes problems as well as press damage.  Therefore, they need to be totally stripped and cleaned thoroughly.

We do supply this service as well as repair.  Quotes are free, but we do need to see the machines.  New and rebuilt parts are available as well as numbering machines. 

We suggest you gather the non-working machines and send those first – keeping the best in use (include the smashed broken machines as it will save you on the cost of new parts).

All good parts are separated, bagged and returned for future repairs.

Please email anytime, should you need additional assistance or free trouble shooting.

Randy Yarwood/Inca  Feel Free to Call.  1 (905) 933-0130